Public Service Appeal
We all benefit when good people volunteer to support local
public services.  Like most communities, The Town of
Harrison has a constant need for members of the community
to volunteer to fill various part time public service positions:  
volunteer fire firefighters, emergency medical technicians,
first responders, police reserve, town committees and town
board positions.

We are all negatively affected in some way when we do not
have enough people come forward.  In general terms, basic
public services are required and will be provided.  However,
if part time volunteers are not available in sufficient numbers
the cost for these services tends to increase while local
control tends to decrease.  Additionally, insufficient numbers
of volunteers may lead to longer response times for vital
services such as Fire and Ambulance.

For example, the Waupaca area has had to outsource
ambulance/EMT services to a (full-time) private firm.  Our
primary ambulance/EMT support comes from Iola and they
are currently experiencing a shortage of EMT’s (and
firefighters).  If Iola cannot take the emergency call, then we
would have to rely more on first responders and other, more
distant volunteer ambulance providers; or eventually have to
contract with a full time private firm.  The Town of Harrison
already has a significant portion of our population over age
65 and that ratio is expected to increase into the foreseeable
future.  It is in our best interest to keep the cost for public
services down with the best response times possible.

So what can we do?  We can volunteer!  If you live
anywhere within 15 miles of Iola think about joining the
volunteer fire and ambulance department.  Become a first
responder.  What about the police reserve through the
Waupaca County Sheriff’s Department?  When you get a tap
on the shoulder telling you that you are needed, please give
it serious consideration.  Encourage others to do the same.  
It’s a great way for a young person considering a career to
explore their interest by beginning on a part-time basis.  Also,
some of these public service providers have fundraisers to
support their operations.  Please consider a donation.

Compensation and financial assistance for training and
education may also be available for your time and services
depending on the position.  For more information on each of
these programs please contact:

Iola Fire Department:  Jim Aanstad, 715-445-2515,

Iola Ambulance/EMT:  Carrie Snyder, 715-445-2515,

NW 1st Responders:  Becky Schultz, 715-470-2029,
                          Debbie Barton, 715-340-4580,

Waupaca County Sheriff’s Dept. Reserve:  Sergeant Scott  
Lewis, 715-258-4466

Chairman, Town of Harrison:  Dean Lashua,
    Town of Harrison