Town of Harrison

       NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the Town of
Harrison, in the County of Waupaca, State of Wisconsin, that a
Town Caucus for said town will be held at Northland Church
(N9880 State Hwy. 49, Iola, Wi 54945) on Monday, January 21,
2019 at 7:00 P.M., to nominate candidates for the different town
offices to be voted for at the Town Election to be held on the first
Tuesday in April of 2019.  
Clearing Fallen Trees from Roads

We are repeatedly reminded how many great people we have
in the Town of Harrison.  Countless examples of neighbor helping
neighbor and pitching in for the greater cause.  This positive sense
of community is one of the reasons Harrison is a great place to live.
One example where we see this is the clearance of fallen trees from
our roadways.  While the local electric company clears trees fallen
on power lines and town officials often clear downed trees not on
power lines, we know many folks take it upon themselves to clear
the road.  They have the ability, equipment, and good sense of
community to want to help out.  Many times we have no idea who
has done the work.  However, we urge caution when power lines
are involved -- please leave those for the professionals at the power
company.  Also you are reminded that the town does not assume
responsibility when you act on your own.

2018 Board of Review Notice

Excerpt of State Statute 60.61(4)(f)

The town board shall maintain a list of persons who submit a
written or electronic request to receive notice of any proposed
ordinance or amendment that affects the allowable use of the
property owned by the person.
Annually, the town board shall
inform residents of the town that they may add their names to the

The town board may satisfy this requirement to provide such
information by any of the following means: publishing a 1st class
notice under ch. 985;
publishing on the town's Internet site; ....

All official notices of the Town of Harrison will be posted on
the bulletin board outside the Northland Lutheran Church, N9880
State Road 49, Iola, WI 54945-9288, the town website, and
published in the Waupaca County Post West newspaper.

Notices posted to this website will be posted on the appropriate
page such as the Agendas or Minutes web pages, for example.

A picture of the town's official notice board located at the
Northland Lutheran Church is shown below for reference.  
Town of Harrison's Official Notice Board is exclusively for official,
legal notices required by state statute.  This is not a community
bulletin board for commercial, private or personal information.