Town of Harrison
Be Prepared
Call 911 for Emergencies (Medical, Fire, Police)
People living in rural communities have always been
among the more self-sufficient in our society; able to fulfill
most of their needs on their own.  That spirit of
self-sufficiency and being prepared for those rainy days is
part of what is now called Emergency Management.           
Preparing for emergencies starts with each individual.  
Whether your emergency is loss of electrical power,
wind or flood damage, or hard times from a loss of income,
it pays to be prepared.  Fortunately, you have information
resources available to assist you.  Click on the links below
to county, state and federal Emergency Management
Did you know the federal government encourages all
households to be prepared to shelter in place for at least
three days in the event of an emergency?

Any disaster aid provided is usually not free.  If approved,
aid is usually in the form of low interest loans.  Purchase
insurance to mitigate your risk of loss.

Take pictures of any damage before clean-up and
recovery begin.  You'll need for insurance claims and  aid