Town of Harrison
Annual Meeting
The annual town meeting is a meeting of the town’s
electors, with those present comprising the body that is
meeting.  Any qualified elector present may make or second
motions, participate in discussion of a matter and vote.

All actions are decided by a majority of the electors present
and voting.  There is no absentee or proxy voting allowed.  
The chair may recognize people who are not qualified
electors and let them speak to the assembly but such
people cannot make or second any motions or vote (most
commonly such people are non-resident landowners).

Section 60.10 lists the vast majority of annual town meeting
powers that can be acted upon. However, it is important to
realize that the elector meeting is limited in authority. Actions
on issues for which the electors have no legal authority to
act are advisory only and without any legal effect.

Finally, note that in § 60.10 many of the possible elector
actions function as authorizations, not mandates, to the
town board.  For such matters the town board is not legally
obligated to do anything and may still choose to do nothing
in the end.

Wisconsin has a limited type of elector meeting that has to
work in conjunction with the town board. Thus, such
instances do not present a problem of legal substance and
are instead issues of a simply political nature.
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